Here’s a Poem.

I made it in Astronomy class because that class is boring as fuck.


As the clock


Time stands still.

Resting my chin

On my hand, my mind


On days like this

My eyes close and the

Yellow light lulls me to sleep.


How is such an interesting subject taught in such a boring way? The universe is massive and amazing and full wonder and is devine! But this class is painful! I hate it. The only benefit is that the professor is a really easy grader. But actually. Don’t be fooled by how easy Intro to Astronomy is. It’s an amazing subject, but if you have a lame teach, it fucking sucks. This is not a very elloquent post.



Restarting my life…and consequently this blog.

Anyone out there? Anyone listening??

If you are/if you’ve been anxiously waiting while I create a new post for you, I’m so sorry that it’s taken me four whole years. What the actual fuck?

Well for one thing…I’ve gone to college! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that was my excuse last time. But like, I’ve actually almost gone all the way through college. I posted my last post the first week of my freshman year. I’m currently in the middle of my last semester as an undergraduate student. That feels actually insane. Since then, it seems like I’ve created a completely new life. I’ve met a guy, brand new friends, started a new job (and a whole bunch of second jobs), and have been trying to construct some sort of normalcy throughout it all.

Recently, I’ve been really unhappy. I can’t quite place my finger on it, but I’ve just been really…bored with my life. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. I feel frustrated all the time. I feel like my life is stale and I’m choking on its soul sucking dust every time I wake up. Sorry for the Donnie Darko-esque quotes; I’ve just been kind of bummed.

So I wanted to (re)start this blog to document my transition out of college and into a whole other ball of goods. I wanted to document my happiness (and sometimes heartache) so I can start to see the good again in life. And most importantly, I wanted to continue to share my experiences with the world in a way that makes me feel accountable for my own decisions and therefore just a little bit more in control.

This is Catherine 2.0, the 2016 model. I hope you can enjoy.

Sorry I’ve been MIA :'( / Werk it!

SO! Since I’ve seen you last, I’ve gone to college. I’d like to use that as a reason for my lack of existence, but really it’s just been the fact that I’ve been really lazy. I also think that I’m going to be a little bit more liberal with my blog instead of following the really concrete thing that I’ve been doing. Because let’s be real, that didn’t last long. I promise I’ll still try to do those posts though! I’ll just do other posts too =^.^=

But wait! There’s  more! I still have a work out post for you guys because I know that it’s been really anticipated and your just on the edge of your seats to read about my current work out routine! That was supposed to be read with 1985 sarcasm.

All right! The first thing I do is my arm work out! Using 3 lb. weights, I do the following exercises:

Sexy, I know.

Then I do my abs:

Aww yeah.


Then I do my butt (it’s the same from the other post ):

Shoot gurl.

Then I finish it off with my leggies:

This is also attractive.

Oh god, you’re going to look so good!


On a serious note…

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the victims, victims families, and those affected by the Aurora Movie Theater Massacre. Innocent people should never have to face that sort of fate, be it death or the tragedy they will bear on their chest for the rest of their lives. They were just hundreds of people eagerly awaiting the newest movie of their favorite super hero franchise like we all were. It was just by the grace of god that that wasn’t my movie theater. And I sat there, forcing popcorn and pizza into my over fed face, while those innocent people were forced to the ground, fleeing fire. They will never forget what happened to them on that early summer morning, July 20th, 2012. And I can’t help but to feel guilty because I’ll read the news reports, feel terrible about it, write about, pray for them tonight, but tomorrow morning I’ll wake up and watch TV and my mom will turn on the music and  in a few weeks it won’t be on our mind any more. We will move on from something that some people will never, ever be able to forget. There will not be one day where the people of Aurora won’t think about what happened early this morning. The news reports will slowly fade away and the presidential campaign will begin again and that will be that. And I’m not saying that that’s wrong or that there was anything anybody could have done to prevent what happened, but it’s sad that in a few weeks people will insist on having less regulation on firearms and that we need to focus on abortion and gay rights and blah blah blah. It just seems weird to me that we care so much about things that seem so trivial. We put so much energy into our jobs and the internet and reading and TV and escaping each other instead of reaching out and thinking about how something affects someone else.

And I feel bad and selfish for feeling bad about this. It didn’t happen to me, I shouldn’t be so effected. I guess, I just…I just realize that this could happen to any of us at any time and that I feel bad that it happened to those people. So reach out to others. See how they react to things. Lend out a hand. I don’t even know what I’m writing, I just feel awful and I don’t fully understand why. I should volunteer more. Maybe if more people volunteered the world would be a better place. Maybe we just don’t have enough time for other people.

I am Foul Bachelor Frog.

Imma be real. This blog is mostly for me. How you stumbled upon this page I will never know. But I’m glad you did! Come on in! Make yourself feel at home. You don’t have to take your shoes off…oh no, you can if you want to I’m just saying that you don’t have to. Well…do you want something to drink? No? Okay. Anyway, like I was saying, this is kind of my personal way of keeping myself on track. I want to make sure that I go to college armed with knowledge of how to take care of myself. I also don’t want to be so gross. Like, I identify with foul bachelor frog way more than is healthy.

This is me. On a good day.

Right. So basically I’m taking the idea that I need to shape up aspects of my life represented by different body parts. Oh my god, that sounds so Ann Arbor, MI. But hear me out! Like, my head represents mental health; my face represents beauty; my chest represents fashion (Because… I don’t know. Fuck you, that’s why.); my stomach represents diet; my hands represent hygiene (yes, I am having a category for this); My legs represent exercise and general health; and my feet represent home and household cleanliness. I’ll probably have random posts about my life and things that I like and whatever, because once again this is my blog and while I’m glad you’re here you are a guest. Are you sure you don’t want anything? I can make you a sandwich? No, sorry, we don’t have Nutella. Well I don’t buy groceries for you, I buy them for me. Shut up fat-ass! Sorry, I took that too far. Also, fuck academic writing style, I write how I want. A lot of punctuation. And short sentences. That are disjointed. And random long ones because I don’t really know where to stop the sentence and I’m not about to go back again and edit these posts that no one is going to read except for me.

Anyway, that’s my blog and I hope you like it! But not too much. As a friend.