Sorry I’ve been MIA :'( / Werk it!

SO! Since I’ve seen you last, I’ve gone to college. I’d like to use that as a reason for my lack of existence, but really it’s just been the fact that I’ve been really lazy. I also think that I’m going to be a little bit more liberal with my blog instead of following the really concrete thing that I’ve been doing. Because let’s be real, that didn’t last long. I promise I’ll still try to do those posts though! I’ll just do other posts too =^.^=

But wait! There’s  more! I still have a work out post for you guys because I know that it’s been really anticipated and your just on the edge of your seats to read about my current work out routine! That was supposed to be read with 1985 sarcasm.

All right! The first thing I do is my arm work out! Using 3 lb. weights, I do the following exercises:

Sexy, I know.

Then I do my abs:

Aww yeah.


Then I do my butt (it’s the same from the other post ):

Shoot gurl.

Then I finish it off with my leggies:

This is also attractive.

Oh god, you’re going to look so good!



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