Werk it Werkout!

Uh. Uh. What? Read those last three sentences with a rap beat behind them; it’ll make more sense. HELLO WORLD! Once again, I am here writing to myself! Yay!!! God love me, I’m so narcissistic. Where were we? Right. Workouts. Okay. Real talk. I used to be really in shape. Like really in shape. Like  really in shape. I used to be on the track team and run the 400 m and dance a billion times a week and I ate well and life was awesome and I was 15. But now I’m 18 and I’m a lazy fat ass. Which is sad because I’m young so I should run while I still have legs and a good heart and I can be a lazy fat ass when I’m  DEAD.

Still me.

So here’s what I’ve been doing recently to kind of get in shape without taking my lazy ass to the gym. First, I went on Pinterest and searched fitness. Then I saved a bunch of picture workouts and inspirational pictures and quotes and shit to my computer. Now, every morning, I wake up and I scroll through the pictures and quotes to get pump up, listen to some awful but fun workout music, then I just choose three workouts and do them. And it’s great. Here are the three workouts I’ve been doing recently!

So yeah! That’s what I do! These will make you surprisingly sore afterwards. Also, I thinks that these are geared more towards women, but I don’t see why a guy couldn’t do these . I mean, what guy wouldn’t want a “Mali-booty”? Also, full disclosure, I’m super happy with my body. I fucking love it. I think she’s great. Here names Vivianne. We get along really well. I’m working her out because I love her and I want her to stay healthy 🙂

Woot! Work out. Yeah.


Oh, the second photo is from toneitup.com !


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