What to Wear Wednesday!

Welcome to my first installment of the great new series What to Wear Wednesday! It’s about fashion and shtuff. Fancy I know. Oh my god, guys! This is my first real post about something in my life! Weepy moment. Damn it! I told myself I wasn’t going to cry.

Real talk, I didn’t plan anything for this post. Starting out strong, I know! But, luckily, I did go shopping today so I can show you what I purchased. So that’s good. I should be posting about how to wear clothes that I already own because I get a new article of clothing, like, once a week because I have a problem and this blog is supposed to be about how I’m getting my life  in shape. Whatever, at least they were dirt cheap.

All right. The deal with the deal. I’m currently in a town infested with the Art Fair, which kind of sucks but everyone from out of town loves it. The good thing about this art fair (is not actually the art. The art is crafty and terrible.) is the magnificent sales. One such sale is the Urban Outfitters sale, where all of the clearance items are 50% off! It’s actually the tits. So here are some of the wonderful little items that I purchased from this wonderful, big sale.

Picture time! Sorry for their quality. Or lack there of. Also, keep in mind that these are clearance clothes!


Back View of the Pineapple Sweater


Big Splurge @ $10.00!


Back View!

Bonus! T.J Maxx find for $9.99

And the back!

That’s all folks!



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